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Ballroom Dance

Our ballroom dancing classes include all the popular partnered dances from the traditional Waltz style of dancing to classic Swing and trendy Salsa and Tango dances. Our dance classes teach you how to ballroom dance and also how to look natural and smooth dancing with your partner, teaching you more than just dance steps. It’s one thing to learn how to Waltz for instance, but if you don’t feel or look comfortable dancing with your partner you will never really enjoy that Waltz or any other ballroom dance for that matter!

In our ballroom dancing classes you’ll learn a variety of popular dances making the most of your time and effort to learn how to dance. Once you’ve got the confidence to get up and have a dance when you go out anywhere there’s music for ballroom dancing you’ll be able dance the night away to a variety of music.

Our beginner’s classes are cater for those that have never danced before and the lessons are structured at a very easy entry level and progress at a pace that keeps a nice balance of learning and fun.

Ballroom dance does not require those mysterious elements like ‘natural rhythm’, ‘style’ or ‘natural coordination’ to be able to dance and to enjoy it. Ballroom dancing is built on a natural walking movement and following simple instructions so it really is a case of “If you can walk, we can teach you to ballroom dance”.

Ballroom dancing for social and recreations purposes is not about how good a dancer each individual is, it is about how you look dancing together as a couple. The beauty of that is that there are some very simple steps you can learn very easily, danced alone they don’t look much, but danced in unity with a partner in your arms, it looks and feels fabulous.

Our group classes are held on weeknights throughout the year and new enrolments are accepted monthly. The classes and fees are structured so that they suit an adult’s lifestyle, catering for both those who attend consecutive weeks as well as those with commitments that allow regular, but not always consecutive weekly attendance. There is an option of paying for a set term of 10 weeks or purchasing a Dance Pass for 8 classes taken over 3 months. A first time one-of trial class is available for newcomers.

Please email or phone for current class schedules and availability

We’ve been ballroom dancing and teaching ballroom dance a long time and your two left feet, lack of coordination or rhythm doesn’t deter us at all. If you can walk forwards and backwards, count to 8, follow simple instructions and have the urge to be able to ballroom dance then it’s a given that we can teach you and we’d love to have you join us for the fun that ballroom dancing offers.

Ballroom dancing classes include all the popular partnered dances from the traditional Waltz style of dancing to classic Swing and trendy Salsa and Tango dances

“I was not a dancer when I was coerced along with my wife, but after only one lesson, I was having a great time and learning a new skill. The teacher’s are excellent, with a fun teaching style, whilst able to get even the roughest beginners (me), to a competent level. I would recommend the classes to anyone, even if they don’t think that they are ‘Dancing People’.”

 –Grant Morgan

“I think your classes are great and you are a very good (and patient) teacher. We always enjoy it – particularly your jokes – it makes it all very light hearted and fun! I think the pace and variety is perfect and I am loving the fact that we can now get up and dance with confidence when we go out somewhere.”

 –Emma & Scott