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Training seminars, workshops, weekend conferences

Aside from the obvious fun of dancing, there’s some serious teamwork required in partnered and group dancing so if you are looking for something uplifting to include in your next training sessions, seminar, conference or workshop to help improve or consolidate your staff team building and teamwork skills, do call us to discuss your needs.

Ballroom and Latin dancing is based on cooperation and coordination of a partnership. The basic steps of most of the dances are actually quite simple, the real skill of these dances is based on team work. The physical demonstration of team work is an impinging message about the core value of teamwork in a fun and often amusing environment.

Partnered dance is a twofold approach to team work as it requires personal skill development coupled with teamwork, they are hand in hand and one does not work without the other.

We also teach a selection of group dances that have very simple steps that are quick and easy to learn, but require dancing with a partner in sync with the rest of the group and changing partners at set short intervals. These are called progressive dances and they only work with teamwork between each partnership and each partnership with the group as a whole.

They are an excellent demonstration of team work with a demonstrable result.

Our dancing teamwork training sessions can be included on your seminar/ conference agenda or held as a stand-alone training session / workshop in your offices or training venue.

We are also able to structure the sessions to be a blend of training and entertainment that would make them suitable for productive recreational activity for after dinner sessions at weekend conferences.

If you are seeking dancing that involves participation but is more entertainment orientated, please refer to our Parties & Functions page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

We will make your party or function a hit for dancing and non-dancing guests, providing dance music and supervised dancing for adults parties and functions and children’s parties, at your home or chosen venue.