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Solo Latin Dancing

Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Merengue, Jive, Solo Tango

Our famous solo Latin dancing classes were created by our dance studio to cater for those who want to learn to dance Latin without dancing with a partner. In these dancing classes you learn how to dance the steps and flash moves of all the hot trendy Latin dances and dance them alone in jazzy routines to exciting and sensuous modern Latin dance music.

We have absolute beginners classes and continuing dancing classes taking you from a non-dancer to a competent dancer in fun and easy stages. There’s a mix of young and mature aged of all shapes and sizes in our dancing classes and you’ll find our dance studio a friendly and non-intimidating environment.

We teach the following dances on an ongoing rotating system and usually dance two or more in each dance lesson:

Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Salsa, Merengue and Argentine Tango

We may include warm ups in simplified dance moves (similar to zumba) based on Brazilian Samba, stretch, styling and technique exercises in other dance styles and just for fun on the odd occasion we’ll include something obscure, classic or a new current dance craze, as a novelty.


Suitable for absolute beginners to dance you’ll find our instruction easy to follow and you’ll literally walk in and dance out. In beginners we learn the basic steps to the four main Latin dances and put them together in a fun dance routine to hot Latin beats.


The pace increases and we build onto the beginners routines with more steps, flash moves and choreography, further dance technique and styling. Each term is different so you can continue dancing as long as you wish.

Each class has adequate teachers so that all students receive some personal attention every lesson and we cover all aspects of Latin dancing – steps, routines, and technique.

Our Solo Latin dancing classes suit those wanting to learn how to dance properly as well as those who are seeking variety and interest for exercise. Like zumba, our dance lessons are filled with fabulous Latin music, but unlike zumba, our dancing classes teach the real Latin dances, not just modified or borrowed moves to make aerobic exercise more interesting.

Our group classes are held on weeknights throughout the year and new enrolments are accepted monthly. The classes and fees are structured to cater for consecutive or non-consecutive attendance. There is an option of paying for a set term or purchasing a Dance Pass for 8 classes taken over 3 months.

Please email or phone for current class schedules and availability

We’d love to have you join us whether you’re looking for basic dance skills and a remedy for your two left feet, more advanced dance and flash moves, gentle exercise and recreation, a decent workout or simply an uplifting social activity.

Solo Latin dancing classes suit those wanting to learn how to dance properly as well as those who are seeking variety and interest for exercise.

“We loved every lesson. To be honest I didn’t think that I’d even get Mum there in the first place and was quite surprised and pleased with how much she liked it. Thanks for all the fun and expert tuition.”

-Sarah Green

“I love Latin music and my hubby won’t dance so I was thrilled when I discovered your Solo Latin classes. Finally I am learning dance, I don’t need a partner and no longer want one. The classes rock!”

Janet Pocock

“I thought I’d do a beginners course of Latin dance just for a lark, never imagined I’d have so much fun nor would I learn so much dancing. The classes have captured and held my interest for four years and I can’t see myself getting bored with them over the next four years either!”

-Maria Xinos